Open an App

<app name> or open <app name>

Google Something

google <query> or just <query> (use cmd + enter to force a google search if the query has matches)

you can also enter a url and get taken the page directly, e.g.

Open a Bookmark

<bookmark name> or bookmark <bookmark name>

bookmark to show all bookmarks

Find a File

This just works in Alfred. Spotlights file search is just not it. Also, you can specify which folders to search in, so rather than vomiting out lots of irrelevant files that you don't care about, it just searches where you want. I'm looking at you node_modules.

Also, I have it set up to ignore source files unless I ask it to include them via the ' token. This way, I get a more minimal search by default, and I can be more granular with my search if I specify.

<file name>

find <file name> or '<file name> to include more files (like source code) in the search

Preview a File

You can click Shift to preview a file.

Open in Finder

Sometimes, you don't want to open the file, you just want to open it's location in finder, that's easy as well, just use ctrl when pressing enter.

Drag and Drop a File

Search a file, and simply drag and drop it. Much much faster than clicking around finder, finding the file, moving the window to the right location, and then dropping it where you want. Just search, drag, drop.

Search for term in Files

This is super powerful. Let's say instead of opening a file named induction, I wanted to search for the word "induction" in all my files. Maybe i'm studying, and I can't remember which lecture mentioned induction.

in <term to search>


You can do math (and save the result in your clipboard)

4*5 or =4*5

=sin(pi/4) , use the equals sign when you need terms like sin or exp

System Commands

You can also trigger some useful system commands like:

Comparison with Spotlight